Re: Proposed fix for issued 140: 301

Manger, James H wrote:
> Browsers (eg Firefox 3.5 & IE8) seem to change the method (eg POST to GET) on 301 "Moved Permanently" redirects as well as on 302 "Found" redirects even with HTTP/1.1 requests & responses, contradicting the spec.
> The spec sections on 301 & 302 each have a note about the mismatches -- but the notes are different. The 302 note says "most existing user agents" change the method, while the 301 note says "some existing HTTP/1.0 user agents" change the method. The 301 note does not seem to reflect reality.
> ...

For the record: the user agents I just tested which rewrite POST to GET 
will also do the same for PUT and DELETE (see Mark's test cases at 

BR, Julian

Received on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 13:02:59 UTC