Re: p1-message-07 S 7.1.4

mån 2009-07-20 klockan 18:08 +1200 skrev Adrien de Croy:

> * a busy - try again later status (like SMTP 421) (actually this would 
> be exceedingly useful for rate limiting connections - a try again with a 
> retry-after header - maybe new status 309?).

503 + Retry-After exists already for this purpose and closely related

3xx is inappropriate as it's not a redirect to a new resource.

4xx is inappropriate as the request as such (when isolated) is fine.

2xx is inappropriate as it's not a successful response.

> * an advertisement for the number of connections a server will accept 
> from a client


> * something else

Not sure anything else is needed.

> However I think these could risk over-complicating the issue for dubious 
> benefit.  Are we even clear on what it is desired to limit?

For normal pageloads with pipelining enabled 2 is a very reasonable

Without pipelining at least 4, maybe more.

For other applications other requrements may exists.

> I've seen this many many times.  Even accessing an idle test server 
> (over GB LAN) via a proxy was hugely slowed down loading many images due 
> to the 2 connection limit in IE7.  It makes sites slow, whether the 
> sites are overloaded or idle. 

Pipelining disabled?


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