Re: p1-message-07 S 7.1.4

mån 2009-07-20 klockan 13:02 +1000 skrev Mark Nottingham:

>    - congestion on Internet backbones isn't *as much* of an issue as  
> it was then (AFAIK; I'll defer to others here)

Backbone is much better, but there still are areas where international
connectivity (or even cross-ISP due to lack of national interconnects)
is very poor.

> The result is that it's now common practice to deploy assets on  
> multiple hosts just to avoid this limitation, and JavaScript library  
> developers are starting to look at ways of bundling multiple responses  
> into one, thereby tunnelling through HTTP and making the messages  
> opaque. I'd say both are signs that there needs to be a change.


> OTOH, I also think completely removing limitations isn't good practice  
> either, because there are still networks out there where congestion is  
> a problem, and having an app open multiple TCP connections (as many  
> "download accelerators" do) to hog resources isn't good for the long- 
> term health of the Internet either.

Download "accelerators" is my main concern as well.


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