Re: comments on draft-barth-mime-sniffing

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 7:15 PM, Maciej Stachowiak <> wrote:

> On Jun 16, 2009, at 11:12 PM, Adam Barth wrote:
>  I think roc was specifically referring to content for the <video> tag.
>> Because no such content currently exists, the legacy compatibility
>> requirements are much less onerous than, say, for HTML.
> I think Dave's point was that if you support codecs and containers in
> <video> that are currently supported by widely used plugins, then you are
> more likely to face these legacy issues with broken MIME types when
> deploying <video>. Content authors might well expect that already published
> MP4 files which work in the QuickTime plugin or a Flash-based player, should
> continue to work if embedded via <video>.

They may expect that, but breaking that expectation is less of a problem
than breaking actual existing content.

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