Re: CONNECT command with message body

Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Adrien de Croy wrote:
>> If no Content-Length field is present, and no Transfer-Encoding 
>> specified, then presumably for any request there will be no entity, 
>> since the client would need to disconnect to signal the end of the 
>> entity body.
> Disconnecting to signal the end of the body is only allowed for
> responses.  For requests, it would need to be a TCP half-close and
> that is not mentioned at all in HTTP, and probably not supported by
> most/all servers.
that's the basis I've been operating under.  Was just wondering if it 
were explictly prohibited by the spec or not.

Since I didn't want to presume there can be no application where it may 
be valid to send an entity body in a request and then disconnect (i.e. 
if not interested in the response).


> -- Jamie

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