Re: CONNECT command with message body

yes - Content-Length: 0


Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Adrien de Croy wrote:
>> As part of the general theory that CONNECT or its response message may 
>> contain an entity-body, I did some testing with including a 
>> Content-Length header in the response message.
>> This caused a lot of problems for some browsers.
>> 1. Goole chrome crashed immediately.
>> 2. Firefox reported that it was still waiting for transfers to complete 
>> even though everything had been sent through. 
>> 3. IE 7, ok.
>> in the case of Chrome and Firefox, the problems went away as soon as the 
>> Content-Length header was removed from the connect response.
>> I view this as a bug in FF and Chrome, however it's odd that these 
>> browser at least consider that it's illegal to have an entity body on a 
>> CONNECT reponse, and it makes me therefore highly reluctant to put the 
>> header in.
> Does that include a "Content-Length: 0"?
> Not that there's any point in it.
> -- Jamie

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