RE: HTTP 301 responses for POST

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, Eric Lawrence wrote:

> Can you please elaborate further here-- do specific examples come to mind?
> For as long as I can recall, Netscape, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc, have 
> treated 301, 302, and 303 as "redirect with GET" while 307 is treated as 
> "redirect with original method."  This matches Yngve's findings.
> I would be fascinated to find a web browser that behaves differently.

I don't have the specific users nor servers around to tell, no. I guess I'm 
just saying that the wording in RFC2616 has made people go both ways and thus 
boys ways is what we've felt necessary to support in our redirection-following 

It's of course entirely possible that this was done for something that weren't 
including any of the major browsers, but the fact remains. In my reading, a 
POST that gets a 301 or 302 back, SHOULD NOT change that to a GET in the 
subsequent request. The only clients who'd do that are those who want to mimic 
old non-compliant browsers. Of course, that ends up just about all browsers I 
guess (including libcurl in its default behavior).



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