Re: server applying PUT to a resource other than the request-URI

On 20.10.2008, at 22:40, Brian Smith wrote:
>> Proposal 1 IMHO breaks the PUT semantics (that's why I started this
>> thread).
> Proposal 1 was: "Simply do allow that use case. WebDAV clients  
> already expect the server to create the resources at the URI they  
> are given. This is a pretty fundamental part of WebDAV; an extension  
> of WebDAV that didn't support it isn't an extension at all."
> In other words, just let the client pick the URI like we always have  
> in WebDAV, and don't attempt to support servers that do not want to  
> let the client pick the URI. There is nothing that breaks PUT's  
> semantics there.


I actually prefer that over adding some custom POST to CardDAV / xyz.

Helge Hess

Received on Monday, 20 October 2008 22:12:38 UTC