Re: [gears-eng] Re: [google-gears-eng] Re: Deploying new expectation-extensions

Brian McBarron wrote:
>      These aren't a problem, as long as the front-end redirector is able
>      to select targets according to the Resumable-POST Etag as well as the
>      URL.
> Requiring a header-inspecting load balancer and/or implementing a
> multi-layer serving architecture seems like a steep cost to get into
> this protocol.  Especially when explicit URI redirection would solve
> the issue for no added cost.

There is a cost, because you may have to change your infrastructure to
support URLs directly addressing individual servers within a cluster,
and you have to add a different kind of load-balancing to handle when
individual servers are taken down in the cluster so another server can
take over those URLs for the clients still using them.

But I agree that you might be able to use existing URL-based front-end
load-balancing kit, and that might reduce the cost of implementation

-- Jamie

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