Re: issue 85 - range unit extensions

mån 2008-09-01 klockan 08:25 -0600 skrev Kris Zyp:
> > Are caches allowed (in principle) to split/merge these ranges, if they
> > knew how?  Would such caches operate on the item syntax -
> > i.e. structured JSON in the message body?
> Yes and yes, I thought that was the idea of Ranges.

Can it do so without parsing the body? I.e. by simple concatenation of
the items?

If it can then range units is appropriate.

If the bodies of the parts involved needs to be parsed and reformatted
in some way to merge them in a larger response then range units is not
appropriate as the response entities then really is separate entities on
their own and not just parts of a larger entity.


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