Re: issue 85 - range unit extensions

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> Right now, cache range operations are independent of content type.
Well, just because 'bytes' a pretty much independant of CT :)

> (Btw, one can easily imagine ranges "characters", "xpath", "xquery",
> "grep"... even "session".  I'm not sure if that's a desirable road to
> go down.  Maybe it would be very useful.)

I read ranges as "a part, possibly the whole part (0-) of a document"
in the case of characters for text-based documents, it's ok, but grep, 
xpath won't be able to access the whole document using the "0-" syntax.

But maybe even the way ranges are defined may change (after all it's 
defined as "byte-range-resp-spec" now), still I find this perverting the 
meaning of ranges and go in the transformation domain.

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