Metalink XML Download Description Format (draft-bryan-metalink-01)


Here is the Internet Draft for Metalink, available at
with interim revisions at .
We're looking for review and public comments.

Metalink is currently supported by some 35 applications and used by
projects such as, openSUSE, Ubuntu, cURL, and others.

  Metalink is an XML-based document format that describes a file or
  lists of files to be added to a download queue.  Lists are composed
  of a number of files, each with an extensible set of attached
  metadata.  For example, each file can have a description, checksum,
  and list of URIs that it is available from.

  The primary use case that Metalink addresses is the description of
  downloadable content in a format so download agents can act
  intelligently and recover from common errors with little or no user
  interaction necessary.  These errors can include multiple servers
  going down and data corrupted in transmission.

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