Re: issue 85 - range unit extensions

> Out of curiosity: did you consider simply using a query parameter instead? 
> If you did, and decided not to, that would be interesting for the question 
> whether custom ranges are a good idea after all.

Yes, I considered that, but here is no standard for query parameters, AFAIK. 
Since Dojo is a client side library, we are aiming for maximum 
interoperability with servers by following the HTTP specification as closely 
as possible, so servers have a real standard to go off of instead something 
we made up. It seems like leveraging the range/partial content mechanism 
with alternate range unit is the approach that HTTP would suggest, and I 
have no reason to believe it is wrong. Retrieving a paged subset of data is 
merely a different representation of the same resource.

Received on Sunday, 31 August 2008 13:33:34 UTC