Re: Revising RFC2616 - what's happening

ons 2006-10-18 klockan 21:42 -0400 skrev Robert Sayre:

> I feel that a bug-fix edition of RFC 2616 would be a worthwhile
> exercise. I have seen many implementors waste time on mistakes that
> are covered in the errata, which are probably a subset of the issues.


From experience I think it's also worthwhile to further stress the
importance of ETag uniqueness among variants of a URI. Very few
implementations get this part correct. In fact most major web servers
have issues here...

Some even strongly believe that entities with different Content-Encoding
is the same entity, arguing that since most encoding (at least the
standardized ones) can be converted to the same identity encoding so
they are in fact the same entity and should have the same strong ETag.


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