Re: HTTP/1.1 pconns to 1.0 servers

tor 2006-09-21 klockan 16:23 +0200 skrev Stefan Eissing:

> It would be "nice" for an HTTP/1.1 client to achieve persistent 
> connections without sending "keep-alive" as default - so I understood 
> Mark's initial post. But, as I wrote, this is not the case nor do I see 
> anything which can be done about it.

The reason why Squid does not assume a HTTP/1.1 request also implies
persistent connection on a HTTP/1.0 response is because HTTP/1.0
persistent proxy connections is not defined in any standard and we are
not sure the client will do the right thing if it hasn't advertised
support for it.

When we move to HTTP/1.1 things will clear up consideably I think. Being
HTTP/1.0 is a bit of a mess. And the number of broken HTTP/1.1 servers
out there responding with chunked encoding to a HTTP/1.0 request or
broken clients capable of handling content-encoding: gzip but failing to
do so on HTTP/1.0 responses may actually finally force this to happen,
just not sure how to fit trailers into Squid in a sane manner.


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