Re: HTTP/1.1 pconns to 1.0 servers

On Sep 21, 2006, at 6:59 PM, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> The reason why Squid does not assume a HTTP/1.1 request also implies
> persistent connection on a HTTP/1.0 response is because HTTP/1.0
> persistent proxy connections is not defined in any standard and we are
> not sure the client will do the right thing if it hasn't advertised
> support for it.
> When we move to HTTP/1.1 things will clear up consideably I think.  
> Being
> HTTP/1.0 is a bit of a mess. And the number of broken HTTP/1.1 servers
> out there responding with chunked encoding to a HTTP/1.0 request or
> broken clients capable of handling content-encoding: gzip but  
> failing to
> do so on HTTP/1.0 responses may actually finally force this to happen,
> just not sure how to fit trailers into Squid in a sane manner.

That is why trailers are optional -- just drop them for now.  They can
be useful for later responses from the cache, but I agree that it is
tricky to handle them within an intermediary.  It is better to release
an HTTP/1.1 handler now that simply drops trailers than it is to wait
for a more complicated solution.


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