Revised HTTP WG charter dates

As I have said before, we are required to have a new
charter, approved by the working group and Area Directors,
in which all non-completed milestones have dates are
considered realistic by the working group. (In particular,
dates must be in the future).

Unfortunately, it's been hard to pin people down about
reasonable dates for our outstanding work items.

However, at least the editing group now believes the following
set of milestones are now reasonable, and I would like
to forward these to the area directors as our schedule.

Here are the proposed dates. If there is no objection by
July 15, I will submit a revised charter based on these

- July 15: submit Hit Metering to IESG as Proposed Standard

- July 30: revised HTTP/1.1 internet draft

  Based on the rate of closure of issues in
  and the availability of various people to do editing,
  we believe there will be a significantly updated
  draft for discussion for the Munich IETF meeting.

- July 30: revised PEP internet draft

  Henrik promises

- July 30: revised Content Negotiation Requirements draft
           revised TCN draft

  In order to make good progress on these, we may need
  more than one round of draft & comments yet, but
  I think this is a realistic date.

- September 1: Revised draft on Connection Management HTTP

- November 30: HTTP/1.1 (as two or more documents) to
  Draft Standard

  This is just to allow for some last-minute editorial
  work after Munich.

- Nov 30: Four documents to IESG:
  - Requirements for content negotiation
       Informational RFC
  - Transparent Content Negotiation
       Experimental RFC
  - Feature registration
       As Best Current Practice
  - Connection Management
       As Informatial or Proposed Standard, depending
  - PEP
    either Proposed Standard or Experimental

Received on Thursday, 3 July 1997 15:54:43 UTC