Re: ISSUE CONTENT-ENCODING: Proposed wording

At 03:17 PM 7/3/97 -0400, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:
>I don't like the notion of the "server" having a content-coding.
>Content-codings are properties of the resource and not the server. Transfer
>codings are properties of the server.

I would say "not necessarily".  I note that the TCN draft treats this issue
as being orthogonal to resource alternatives.  Also, I think it is possible
that a proxy might be able to offer a content-encoding not offered by the
origin server.

>There is really no difference between content-types and content-encodings
>except that old clients fail to understand the latter. [...]

I note that RFC 2068 section 14.12 implies otherwise, in that it indicates
that content encoding is used as a *modifier* to a content-type (i.e. not
something which can replace a content type).


Graham Klyne

Received on Thursday, 3 July 1997 16:06:45 UTC