Re-revised HTTP WG charter dates

There have been a few revisions to the dates based
on comments recieved. Note that only milestones
that represent IESG actions (marked with +) will
be in the official charter.

I'd like to push up the schedule on submitting
feature registration, since we're not actually
processing it in this working group, and ask the
IESG to do a longer IETF-wide "last call" rather
than hold it within the working group.

July 1997:
+  Hit Metering to IESG as Proposed Standard

+ Revised cookies to IESG as Proposed Standard
  (** omitted from previous schedule)

- revised HTTP/1.1 internet drafts (Jim Gettys)

  These will be full revisions of 2068 & 2069
  which reflect all of the issues raised, with
  revised text for most issues; for those that are
  still open and don't have a likely proposed
  resolution, there will at least be a reference
  to the issue. (** clarification from previous schedule)

-  revised PEP internet draft (Henrik Frystyk Nielsen)

- revised Content Negotiation Requirements draft (Ted Hardie)
- revised TCN draft (Koen Holtman)

Aug, 1997:

September 1997:
-  Revised draft on Connection Management HTTP (Jim Gettys)
-  Revised Content Negotiation Requirements draft

November 1997:
  All documents to IESG:

  + HTTP/1.1 (as two or more documents)
       Draft Standard
  + Requirements for content negotiation
       Informational RFC
  + Transparent Content Negotiation
       Experimental RFC
  + Feature registration
       As Best Current Practice
  + Connection Management
       As Informatial or Proposed Standard, depending
  + PEP
    either Proposed Standard or Experimental

+ Dec 1997:
    Working group closes (or "suspends", pending
    additional review/work on its documents.)

Received on Tuesday, 8 July 1997 08:27:55 UTC