Re: pipelining vs. deferred content

At 01:57 PM 3/27/97 PST, Jeffrey Mogul wrote:

>If we ignore the issue of compatibility with HTTP/1.0 clients (just
>for the sake of this particular speculation), I don't think the
>implementation of my "503 + Retry-After" approach would be so bad.

Assuming that in HTTP/1.0 with multiple connections, the client has no or
very little control over the serialization of the requests as this is a
function of how fast the TCP connections gets established and what
scheduling mechanism the server is using.

Using pipelining over a single TCP connection has changed this
significantly as all requests now are explicitly serialized. As far as I
can see the trick we are looking for is a mechanism for the server to break
the serialization. This is also important to proxies, for example, where
some of the responses may be server out of the cache and some have to be
retrieved over the network. Using a "503 Retry After" allows this but has a
couple of drawbacks:

1) It does not provide the client with a mechanism to forbid the server to
break the serialization

2) Using a time out period will in most cases be empirical and may force
the client to try multiple times and in effect to do a polling on the
resource before it can be returned

Another mechanism would be to let the client indicate whether the server
can play games with the serialization or not. In order not to confuse old
proxies, I guess that it is safest to make it a Connection header token:

	GET /image_1 HTTP/1.1
	Host: microscape
	Connection: order=mixed

	GET /image_2 HTTP/1.1
	Host: microscape
	Connection: order=mixed

The server can then in the response indicate the order relative to the
implicit order indicated in the requests

	HTTP/1.1 200 OK
	Connection: order=2
	Content-Type: image/png


	HTTP/1.1 200 OK
	Connection: order=1
	Content-Type: image/png


However, there is a problem with this - the Connection header can't have
this type of tokens. Section 14.10 says:

	The Connection header has the following grammar:
       	Connection-header = "Connection" ":" 1#(connection-token)
       	connection-token  = token

I believe it should be

		connection-token = token [ "=" ( token | quoted-string ) ]

Maybe a nwe point for the issues list.

There may be an upper limit to this approach where if the server does not
expect to be able to produce a reply then a "503 Retry After" would be more

In practice I don't think this will have a large impact for now as all Web
servers as far as I know only accept requests serially on an incoming TCP
connection. However, changing this may in some cases lead to significant
performance improvements.


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