System management of HTTP clients

I wasn't clear in my message. What I meant to say is that
even though "system management of HTTP clients" doesn't
appear in our charter, and isn't directly related to
"development of the HTTP protocol", I believe that discussion
of this topic is "in scope" for HTTP-WG, at least to the
extent that we decide how to deal with the issue or
delegate it to some other subgroup.

It would be useful to enumerate the entire set of requirements
for system management for HTTP clients (media type helpers,
security profiles, site policy about viruses, privacy, etc.)
as well as HTTP proxies and HTTP servers.

I expect that these issues could easily absorb at least one
new working group, and we need to arrange to establish
this activity before HTTP-WG itself shuts down.



Received on Friday, 28 March 1997 00:02:56 UTC