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> I think most of the DNS servers I work with have a 1 week lifetime.
In DNS, each record has a lifetime, specified individually.
So, the while your A records would be ttl 1day
 this TXT record could be ttl 1 hour

In DHCP, all options are stuck with the same lease time.

>  3. Service location is an appropriate way to advertise a service,
>       which I beleive the proxy is.  The browser is discovering
>       an available proxy service, not a host configuration option.
> What's the difference between discovering DNS servers and discovering
> HTTP proxies?
The DNS server is a system wide setting, all applications depend on
the system, which depends on the DNS.
the proxy settings are for an application.

This is picking nits.  I initially was hoping to use DHCP, but it
doesnt offer the cross platform and lifetime flexibility that DNS
does and its less widely deployed.

Another fundamental issue here is if you buy into the service location
protocol ideas.  I do. They are trying to solve the problem of
"how do I use a standard method to look up arbitrary services on a network".
Granted, by following their DNS recommendations ( which is only one
of many ways to advertise services in their world ), its not perfect.
In time, I hope that we could support their multicast discovery
protocol as well. 

 I suppose I could have specified that in the
draft, but since the rest of the serverloc stuff is so new, 
and virtually undeployed as of yet, I figured this gives us a solution
to a big problem, today, with protocols and APIs software implementors
in the realm of the 'world wide web' are commonly using.
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