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> If the browser only tries to configure itself if there are no pre-settings,
> there's another problem.  Suppose, given the scenario above, that I
> decide, for whatever reason, that I want no proxies.  When I exit and
> restart, will auto-config force a proxy on me again?

I think the issue your talking about is where the browser control resides.
Does the control reside with the network administrator, who
"knows better" about what proxies to use and when?

or does the user know better?

Keep in mind, that the browser iplementation is free to query the
user on whether or not to accept the configuration presented.

The intent of the draft is to address concerns from administrators
in large networks about difficulty in either configuring a large
number of browsers, or educating a non technical crowd how to
configure proxy settings.

If the administrators have not configured the TXT record,
then the browser should default to the configured settings.

While I've said that the browser implemention is flexible,
I would recommend a model like the netscape navigator.
Out of the box, the browser should be set to
'discovery proxy settings',
but still have the check boxes for
'manual settings'
'no proxies'
'explicit PAC URL'

and that choice be saved in the users preferences.
This arrangement seems to meet the needs you specify (IMHO )

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