RE: PEP draft delayed -- diffs so far attached

Abstract - Should it not be "each extension with a URI" not URL? This
comment generalizes to the rest of the document. The proposed use of a
URL actually seems a perfect example of when a URN (if they existed =)
should be used. Although I note that in the Protocol Header definition
you do use URI.

Also, would it be correct to assume that if one is able to successfully
transmit a PEP enhanced request and get an appropriate response then the
extension could specify, as part of its definition, that it is no longer
necessary to send the protocol header so long as the persistent
connection is outstanding? The idea is that protocol headers are quite
large and having to send them on every request would not be desirable. I
notice the spec hints at this with its comments regarding cookies but
that still is heavier than absolutely necessary.

The method name hack is truly horrific but I don't see any way around
that which will still work with down level agents. Even worse, the only
way to be rid of it, is to rev HTTP to 2.0.

Also shouldn't Protocol-Info be:

Protocol-Info = "Protocol-Info" ":" 1#policy-decl
policy-decl = "{" extension-id *policy-info "}"
policy-info = for | ext-info
for = "{" "for" URI [ wildcard ] "}"
wildcard = "*"

Why was "enc" dropped from Protocol-Info? Why is "str" repeated in
Protocol-Info but not "params"?

In general however, great work! The spec is tight and simple. I actually
think you give too much flexibility. I would like to see PEP become a
"declaration" mechanism and that is about it. So, for example, the
Protocol header would be:

Protocol = "Protocol" ":" 1#extension-decl
extension-decl = "{" extension-id str "}"
str = "req" | "ref" | "opt"
extension-id = URI

Information that would now be provided in params or enc would instead be
provided through extension specific means. This reduces the overhead for
Protocol and simplifies processing. After all one will only understand
params and enc if one understands the extension. Oh and protocol-info
would become:

Protocol-Info = "Protocol-Info" ":" 1#policy-decl
policy-decl = "{" extension-id str [for] "}"
for = "{" "for" URI [ wildcard ] "}"
wildcard = "*"


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> Larry and folks,
> Henrik and I expected to have a new draft late last week,
> but I'm afraid I have to call it a night tonight before
> I have a draft with no FIXME's in it.
> What I have so far is at:
> $Id: pep-spec.html,v 1.13 1997/03/11 06:04:21 connolly Exp $
> Diffs from the Jan 31 internet draft are attached.
> Summary of technical changes:
> 	- extension header field section axed
> 	- BINDING- methods and {str req} added
> 	- C-Protocol-Info added
> And we did significant editorial work in the introduction again.
> There's also a new table that enumerates a number
> of required/optional, end-to-end/hop-by-hop, origin/proxy
> combinations.
> After I get some sleep and a chance to attack the last
> couple of FIXME's, I'll submit a revised draft.
> Henrik has also updated and enhanced the background material,
> including some work on a scenarios document (whence came
> the table above). See:
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