Re: What method for Location?

Yuan John Jiang:
>I could not find the answer from scanning through the spec.
>If my client does a "POST URI HTTP/1.1" and the server responds
>with "Location: NEWURL"
>What shall my client do next?  Shall I do "POST NEWURL ..."
>or "GET NEWURL ..."?

That depends on the status code of the response message the Location is in,
so you have to look at section 10.3 of the spec.  And note the notes in
there about what some clients actually do.

Aside: I believe that if you just output 

Location: <full URL>

in a CGI script, the server will send a 302 status code.  To get a 303 status
code, do

Location: <full URL>
Status: 303 See Other



Received on Tuesday, 11 March 1997 14:03:51 UTC