Re: Comments on the new cookie draft

It isn't clear to me that there's consensus behind the two
header approach. Is there really?

It seems like a big switch in directions; we went through
a lot of angony to get to a draft that we sent out for
Proposed Standard. Are we now all changing our minds about
what we want to propose as a standard and propose something

I haven't heard a groundswell of "oops, sorry, changed my mind"
at all. Mainly I see people are grumbling about getting
backed into a compatibility problem and wondering who to
blame for the mess.

I'm less interested in blame, but I do think we need to get
people's reasoned and considered opinions about what the
right technical thing to do is, as far as state management,
in light of both deployed code and also the working group's
previous stand.


Received on Wednesday, 26 February 1997 11:50:02 UTC