Re: How to add new "protocols" ?

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> On Tue, 18 Feb 1997 touch@ISI.EDU wrote:
> [ These techniques for migrating http to non backwards compatible 
> protocols, which may clear up some of the other points]
> > > 	1) try  alternate protocol, and use it if it works. Cache result
> > Increases the connection latency. Bad in general. Besides, 
> Adds an extra RTT to first connection to host

Only if "fails" is by NACK. Otherwise, it adds
a timeout, which is usually in the 2-3*RTT range, _at best_.

> > > 	3) Use Upgrade: header
> > Two connections are better than one?
> upgrade changes the protocol to be used on the same connection

We were talking about alternate transport protocols, not application
protocols. How does one change the transport protocol without
opening another connection?

> BTW, the technique I forgot was using the first part of the hostname to 
> indicate a special protocol switch; failover is to fall back to http; 
> there must be a suitable CNAME pointing to the right place for straight
> http.

What is the 'first part of the hostname'? ARe you parsing
DNS names and redefining parts thereof??

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