Re: How to add new "protocols" ?

As a protocol, HTTP ought to run fine over more or
less any reliable transport.  It does not depend on any particular
TCP feature (e.g. urgent data, push bits or delivery of resets).  

I will note, however, that the ability to close different sides
of the connection turns out to be an important implementation 
detail in HTTP/1.1 (see our paper for details), though if this were
not possible in some other protocol there are probably work arounds.
And the protocol specification defines various behavior of 
opening/reopening connections in failure conditions that might or might be 
applicable using a different transport protocol.  See the section on
message transmission requirements.

URL's, however, specify the access protocol in more detail:

http: in a URL implies a number of things more than just the protocol,
	port 80 (by default)
	first part of the path is the host name, possibly with the port

The other place the protocol spec messes with Internet specific items
is with the Host header, the cludge around to deal with
the fact the full URI is not necessarily transmitted in HTTP/1.0.  Sigh...
				- Jim

Received on Tuesday, 18 February 1997 14:10:34 UTC