Re: Please clarify * is legal in HTTP1/1 Accept-Charset Header

Chris Lilley:
>On Jan 10,  7:53pm, Koen Holtman wrote:
>> > It would correct a
>> > sitiation where browsers send a list of things they do accept, followed
>> > by *, and this is (currently) often taken to mean exactly the same as
>> > if they had only sent the *.
>> In my opinion, this sitiatiomn should be corrected by changing the browsers
>> to send good accept headers, not by changing the spec to mandate some kind
>> of workaround in the server.
>Oh, certainly. I was just suggesting better defined behaviour for servers
>talking with existing clients.

It seems we agree then.  I guess the heuristics to deal with existing
clients could go into an implementation guide of some sort.

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