Re: HTTP response version, again

At 12:05 PM 12/30/96 -0500, you, Abigail, wrote:
>Bob Jernigan wrote:
>++ > In my opinion, the server should not include HTTP/1.1 headers which are
>++ > not part of HTTP/1.0 when responding to a HTTP/1.0 request, and label
>++ > the response as being HTTP/1.0.
>++ It's not the response that being labeled by the HTTP/1.1 header, it's
>++ the server's capability.  There would be no reason to send an HTTP
>++ header if it only had to match the client's request.
>It doesn't have to match. A server could respond with an HTTP header
>*less* than the request.

Pardon my newness,but why should it not be allowed to respond with an HTTP
header *greater* than the request?  From a system log point of view, the
extra information might be nice to know.  If I see that all my users are
connecting to HTTP/1.1 sites, then I might think about upgrading the browsers
that we use (if I had any users, that is)...

And why is the reverse problem not being discussed?
I guess it must be fairly clear what should happen when a 1.1 client sends
a 1.1 header to a 1.0 server, so why not just follow that procedure for this


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