HTTP response version, again

Shel Kaphan writes:
 > If we believe interpretation A above, then a HTTP 1.0 proxy anywhere
 > between a HTTP 1.1 client and a HTTP 1.1 server would prevent the
 > server from ever being able to pass any 1.1-only headers through the
 > proxy to the client in either case (1) or (2).  Furthermore this would
 > require proxies to remove 1.1 headers when responding to 1.0 clients.
 > So, this is pretty bad.
 > If we believe interpretation A above, then, since 1.1 is supposed to
			I meant "B" here.

 > be backward compatible with 1.0, if headers defined in 1.1 are left
 > uninterpreted (and this is the crux of the major/minor version
 > scheme), then it is always OK to return a normal 1.1 response to a 1.0
 > request.  This seems to suggest it makes sense to return a 1.1 version
 > number as well.
 > --Shel


Received on Friday, 20 December 1996 17:36:20 UTC