Re: Some data related to the frequency of cache-busting

You said of

1 'This page *MUST NOT* ever be displayed from a history'
2 'This page *MAY* be redisplayed from a history but *MUST NOT* be
   refetched when displayed from history'
3 'This page *MAY* be redisplayed from a history, but *MUST* be
   refetched first'
4 'This page *MAY* be redisplayed from history, unconditionally.' 

# The last two cases can be handled by properly implementing the
# existing Expires and cache control directives.

but I don't believe there are ANY http directives that place any
requirements on the handling of history lists, to the point where HTTP
_only_ requires 4.

In fact, there are some browsers where doing much of anything else
doesn't make much sense. For example, there was a two-dimensional
infinite-plane browser where the 'history' was always completely
visible, albeit in perspective.

However, I'm a little fuzzy on why lack-of-controls of history makes
'cache-busting' more of a problem, or lessens the value of hit


Received on Sunday, 1 December 1996 10:00:10 UTC