Re: Some data related to the frequency of cache-busting

On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, David W. Morris wrote:

> Other than carefully defining the difference between a History mechanism
> and Caching, we did NOTHING! A protocol mechanism is needed so that 
> the server (applications) can influence browser history presentation.
> The caching subgroup explicitly chose to defer this issue. 

Yup. This problem will not clear until the author has the ability to
distinguish between 'This page *MUST NOT* ever be displayed from a
history', 'This page *MAY* be redisplayed from a history but *MUST NOT* be
refetched when displayed from history', 'This page *MAY* be redisplayed
from a history, but *MUST* be refetched first', and 'This page *MAY* be
redisplayed from history, unconditionally.' THe last two cases can be
handled by properly implementing the existing Expires and cache control
directives. But the first two cases cannot be done at all right now - and
are both quite important.

Benjamin Franz

Received on Sunday, 1 December 1996 03:37:07 UTC