Re: Some data related to the frequency of cache-busting

Larry Masinter:
>However, I'm a little fuzzy on why lack-of-controls of history makes
>'cache-busting' more of a problem,

With some current browsers, if you use caching directives, this has weird
side-effects on how the history mechanism works.  HTTP/1.1 states that there
should be no side effects on the history buffer, but not every current
browser conforms to that.

As long as these side-effects on the history mechanism remain, service
authors which do not want the side effects (and there are many reasons for
not wanting them) cannot use the caching directives.  So these service
authors will have to resort to one-time-URL cache busting techniques if they
want to prevent the users from seeing stale data.

Cache busting will remain with us to some extent until this unwanted
coupling between history buffers and caches goes away.

I have some hope that the language in 1.1 will make the coupling go away.
If not, introducing explicit history control headers is my best bet on
getting browsers to offer at least the option of not coupling between cache
and history.  Even though history control headers would not affect the bytes
on the wire, they would affect the caching options for these bytes, so I
feel that I could make a strong case for the http-wg getting involved in
this area.



Received on Monday, 2 December 1996 09:32:58 UTC