About that Host: header....

could someone please elucidate this sentence from the minutes for me?

>As an implementation plan, the group will tighten the
>wording on HOST to make it clear that it is a MUST, and plan to make
>the shift after widespread deployment of HTTP 1.1

I can read this two ways:

- The group wants to stick with HOST, but make it (more) mandatory
- The group wants to change to full URL, but wants to do that in
  HTTP 1.2 instead of HTTP 1.1

The first reading seems to me to be less than sound, architecturally.
The second reading seems to me to be based on the premise that it will
be easier to change the 200.000 HTTP 1.1 servers 1 year from now than
the current crop of 50.000 HTTP 1.0 servers. Somehow that doesn't
strike me as completely obvious either.

Is there a third reading that I missed?

                 Harald T. Alvestrand

Received on Sunday, 17 March 1996 09:29:38 UTC