Re: About that Host: header....

Maurizio Codogno writes in <>:
>But what if people write in the specs that
>1.1 servers MUST recognize both form, and 1.1 clients SHOULD send full
>but MUST fall back to the Host: form in case of a 404 error sent by a
>1.0 server? True, there is a bandwidth waste, but it should not be
>relevant. And in this way, the transition to 2.0 will be smoother.

Eeesh, this is a big, big lose IMHO.  Sending the full URI would mean a 404 
on almost every request for quite some time to come on the Internet.  Jim's 
#4 is the reasonable choice.

BTW, I can testify to the truthfulness of "admins don't change servers until 
the users complain".  That is why I am still running CERN 3.0 on my server, 
and why we ran it on our proxy until recently.  If it has the capabilities 
you need, and it isn't broke, you don't fix it.
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Received on Tuesday, 26 March 1996 05:20:59 UTC