Re: About that Host: header....

Would it be possible to cover some middle ground,

I'd be very happy which something like the following scheme, which fits well
with some of the technology out there:

1. All 'new' servers should be able to understand both

	GET http://something/somewhere HTTP/1.x
	GET somewhere HTTP/1.y 
	(with an optional host; which if there should be
	dealt with accordingly, regardless of the IP)

   Wether x and y can be 1 and 0 is open to debate, I would be in
   favour of having y=0 only and x=0 or 1. 

   This regardless of wether their marketing drones claim that
   is speaks http/1.9 or wathever.

2. All (current) servers should be able to understand 
   the Host: something line, at best they should not break
   when one is flashed at them. 

3. All 'new' clients should do a 

	GET somewhere HTTP/1.0
	Host: something

   while we are still in http 1.0 and a full

    GET http://something/somewhere HTTP/1.1

    when they are really a 1.1 (and know (how?) that the
    server will swallow 1.1).

Does this make sense ? I agree, it is not perfect, but it
allows some of us to slowly start to optimizing our servers
and installatins without breaking toooo much.

Does this make sense as a bad kind of middle ground.


Received on Tuesday, 19 March 1996 10:31:34 UTC