Re: Charsets revisited

>National characters are allowed in query, but nothind said
>about charset. Per section 5, full-request can be just
>request-line, thus charset information must be in URI
>itself (how?).
Well, arbitrary character sets should also be allowed in URI's, but
little has been said about this either, other than "it's a problem". I
have suggested a few mechanisms for supporting this.

As for queries, I think that Larry's multipart/forms-data is the best
way to go. Ideally, all forms data, including queries should be sent
to the server as a message body, which *does* have a way of labelling
the content. This also applies to the GET method.

>2. Accept-Charset (section 10.2)
>Any rationale behind having no quality factor for charset?
>Is the order in the list significant? Is there any explicit

I never noticed this, and agree that it seems strange.

Received on Tuesday, 23 January 1996 18:01:11 UTC