Re: Host: header and port number


We're discussing two specifications:
 HTTP/1.0: an informational draft about what current practice was 
 HTTP/1.x: a proposed standard about what HTTP should be.

I occasionally get private and public messages about various vendor's
products that they're shipping and whether the spec could either make
them illegal or how product ship dates interfere with our work here.

As far as the extra port number on Host goes, if you're proposing that
we put it into the HTTP/1.0 spec, well, it probably could fit into the
appendix along with all the other stuff that is roughly implemented in
various places but inconsistently.

This doesn't preclude us declaring that Host: in HTTP/1.x should not
have a port number. Right?

Received on Monday, 22 January 1996 22:42:45 UTC