Re: Host: header and port number

Larry Masinter writes: (Mon, 22 Jan 1996 22:38:36 PST )
> Folks,
> We're discussing two specifications:
>  HTTP/1.0: an informational draft about what current practice was 
>  HTTP/1.x: a proposed standard about what HTTP should be.
> I occasionally get private and public messages about various vendor's
> products that they're shipping and whether the spec could either make
> them illegal or how product ship dates interfere with our work here.
> As far as the extra port number on Host goes, if you're proposing that
> we put it into the HTTP/1.0 spec, well, it probably could fit into the
> appendix along with all the other stuff that is roughly implemented in
> various places but inconsistently.
> This doesn't preclude us declaring that Host: in HTTP/1.x should not
> have a port number. Right?
Of course.
And host headers shouldn't be sent to ftp gateways, because FTP has no feature
similar to HTTP's Host.

Andrew. (Endre Balint Nagy) <>

Received on Tuesday, 23 January 1996 22:58:17 UTC