Re: Caching data returned from POST, and conditional POST

Shel Kaphan:
>Brian Gaines writes
> I want the browser to
> check with the server when the user uses "Back" and "Forward" so that
> the server can ensure that the data is up to date. Netscape does precisely
> this and enables the user interface to be kept in sync with the state
> of the server.

For the record, my copy of Netscape (Mozilla/1.12 (X11; I; Linux 1.2.9
i486)) does not contact the server when the user uses "Back" and

While I would love to be able to get such "Back" and "Forward"
reporting for my own transaction based system, having this reporting
as the default behavior makes absolutely no sense.  See the report
that Shel points to below for the reason why.

>Again, please look at the description of Expires in the spec.  You
>might also want to look at Koen Holtman's and my report from some
>months ago in{html,txt} which
>discusses some of these issues.


Received on Monday, 1 January 1996 11:30:37 UTC