Re: "1:n domain cookies" issue status

Larry Masinter wrote:
> The story so far (summarized by me):
>  Marc is arguing for inclusion of a feature ("1-n domain cookies")
>  which has not yet been deployed but which Marc thinks is useful.
>  In particular, this is a feature which is not prohibited but
>  is specified as 'undefined' in the text.
>  Dave Kristol points out that it is not current practice. Koen objects
>  to the feature on privacy grounds, and Ben rejects this argument,
>  saying that the privacy concerns are already there, and that the
>  feature would add no additional concerns.

I'm with Koen on this one.  While Marc has pointed out that
it is possible to subvert privacy through other means, I do
not want to be a party to making it trivially easy.

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       Netscape Communications Corp.

Received on Monday, 17 June 1996 17:23:28 UTC