Re: Sun White Paper on WebNFS

There is a significant difference between a technical discussion and
an advocacy discussion, and between a standardization discussion and
a marketing discussion.  This WG is not chartered to advocate or market
anything, and certainly not WebNFS.  So, unless you have something
technically significant to discuss which somehow impacts HTTP (say,
for instance, the cache expiration algorithm of WebNFS and how it
compares to the one in the HTTP draft currently being reviewed),
or something capable of being standardized as HTTP practice,
then take the discussion elsewhere.  I recommend <>.

Doing so will allow those of us doing the WG work to read this list
without a filter.  That is the difference between this list and
USENET or a public www list -- we are chartered to do a specific task.

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Received on Monday, 17 June 1996 14:07:49 UTC