Content negotiation draft 01 available

I just finished draft-holtman-http-negotiation-01.txt, which covers
transparent content negotiation and feature negotiation.  The text has
been submitted as an internet draft, and I have also made it available



        HTTP/1.1 will allow one to put multiple versions of the same
        information under a single URL.  Transparent content negotiation
        is a mechanism, layered on top of HTTP/1.1, for selecting the
        best version when a retrieval request is made.  This document
        outlines the planned transparent negotiation mechanism, and
        identifies some issues and tradeoffs that have yet to be

Work on content negotiation has been on hold since March because it
was non-essential for the completion of HTTP/1.1.  The new draft
mainly intends to help re-starting the work now that HTTP/1.1 is
finished.  It is specifically written to be readable for wg members
who did not participate in the content negotiation subgroup.


Received on Thursday, 13 June 1996 14:52:14 UTC