Re: revised suggested registered names for character sets

Close, but there were a couple problems.  I think Larry wanted something
more like

> 19.8.1 Charset Registry
> The following names should be added to the IANA character set registry
> under the category "Preferred MIME name" and this section deleted.
      "ISO-8859-1"     "ISO-8859-2"     "ISO-8859-3"
      "ISO-8859-4"     "ISO-8859-5"     "ISO-8859-6"
      "ISO-8859-7"     "ISO-8859-8"     "ISO-8859-9"
      "ISO-2022-JP"    "ISO-2022-JP-2"  "ISO-2022-KR"
      "GB2312"         "BIG5"           "KOI8-R"
      "UCS-4"    (for ISO-10646)
      "UCS-2"    (for UNICODE-1-1)
      "UTF-7"    (for UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7)
      "UTF-8"    (for UNICODE-1-1-UTF-8)

[I don't know the descriptive names for GB2312, BIG5 and KOI8-R.]

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