Re: revised suggested registered names for character sets

Larry, I'm not up on the details of the character set registry; please
make sure this says exactly what you think it should...

Interpreting from your message, I now have for draft 05, presuming it

19.8.1 Charset Registry

The following names should be added to the IANA character set registry
under the category "Preferred MIME name" and this section deleted.

       | "ISO-8859-1" | "ISO-8859-2" | "ISO-8859-3"
       | "ISO-8859-4" | "ISO-8859-5" | "ISO-8859-6"
       | "ISO-8859-7" | "ISO-8859-8" | "ISO-8859-9"
       | "ISO-2022-JP" | "ISO-2022-JP-2" | "ISO-2022-KR"
       | "SHIFT_JIS" | "EUC-KR" | "GB2312 BIG5" | "KOI8-R"

Please also add:

       "EUC-JP" as the preferred MIME name for
       "UCS-4" for ISO-10646

and add the following as preferred names (instead of the longer names):

       "UTF-8" for "UNICODE-1-1-UTF-8"
       "UTF-7" for "UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7"
       "UCS-2" for "UNICODE-1-1"

				- Jim

Received on Thursday, 6 June 1996 05:35:44 UTC