Re: 12, 14.43: resource arguments and conneg

Paul Burchard:
> (Koen Holtman) writes:
>> Give me one month, and I can write a nice 10-page section,
>> which people might might understand, that exactly
>> defines how `understood variation' works.
>Yikes...then how can you be so confident that this will be  
>interoperably implemented?

The requirements in 13.5 that tell caches when (not) to return
responses with a Vary header field are clear, so I don't expect a
divergence handling of _incoming_ Vary fields by cache

The problems I detected are mostly in the section 12 text that tells
servers what to put in an outgoing Vary field.  Though this text is
subtly wrong, I expect that this wrongness will almost never lead to
someone putting less headers in a Vary field that there should be to
make caches handle the response correctly.  I expect that most people
will intuitively make the right choice, especially if they have also
read 13.5.


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