Re: content negotiation flap (resend)

Re: a) Yes, I'm trying to get another draft out as quickly as I can.
I brought a cold back with me from California, and am working as hard as I
can to do so.  Roy's proposed changes are (mostly) useful, but they were
not allowed for in my time budget, and between them and being sick, it is
pretty clear I will not get a draft done today.  I'm still plowing through
mail and editing as fast as I can, while being careful.

b) yes, right now we're trying to get concensus from the group as a whole,
and changes should be thought of in that light.

BTW, far from all of Roy's proposed edits were in areas that had been
worked over already; some were in areas which I had marked as still
needing serious work.
			- Jim

Received on Monday, 27 May 1996 06:24:52 UTC