content negotiation flap (resend)

While it's generally my impression that:

a) we're awaiting a new draft from Jim Gettys, and Roy's proposed edits
   were ill-timed since it was my impression that Jim had already
   worked over those sections, and

b) the subgroups are effectively disbanded: we're trying to get
   consensus on the draft as a whole, not in subgroups


Could any of you other than Koen (and me) who were in the content
negotiation subgroup please send me your opinion, if any, about the
topics being debated? Koen has defended some points as "the consensus
of the content negotiation subgroup", but I don't remember seeing
active acknowledgement (as opposed to a passive lack of response).

Just a brief note ("Koen's right", "haven't been following it", "what
subgroup?") would do, although longer opinions are welcome.




Received on Sunday, 26 May 1996 23:04:33 UTC