Re: Record of http discussions at the Paris WWW conference

> We worked out the following simplification:
>  - adopt a model in which generic resources bind to other resources
>    (called variant resources below), not to resource entities
>  - thus, for a single resource, at most one response can be cached.
>    A resource only has one expiration time associated with it.  A
>    generic resource is nothing but a `portal' through which variant
>    resources are accessed.

I think that there is another view of how content negotiation and
caching might interact, where a single resource might have several
(fresh) entities associated with it in a cache, each corresponding to
different request headers as distinguished by vary parameters, and
where expiration times (freshness) is associated with entities and not
with resources.

I think these differing models of how caching of negotiated resources
might work are both self-consistent but not compatible and will
require different protocol.


Received on Tuesday, 14 May 1996 19:35:54 UTC